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Star Lightbars Presents:
Sinister Fabrication Black Widow Grand Prix
Location: Gila Bend AZ
Date: April 28-30, 2017


2 days of racing (points for both days) You can Race one day or both.

Brand New Race Course, race on a brand new cut grand prix track next to the Gila Bend Airport!

Gate: Friday 2pm-10pm, Sat/Sun 6am-10pm

Registration: Friday 6pm-8pm at ELKS LODGE in gila bend, az 1400 E Pima St, Sat/Sun 6am-all day at the track

Gate Fees: Per Day $10 per adult, $5 Youth, 5yrs under Free or $15 weekend pass adult, $10 Youth

Camping Fee: $10 per vehicle for the weekend. Camping at the track. Fires must be in metal fire container

Transponder: $10

Entry Fees: Per Day-$20 unclassified, $65 Bike/Quads, $100 Pro Bike/Quad, $90 UTV, $190 UTV PRO, Mini $45, $35 Pee Wee $35

Both Days $110 Bike/Quads, $200 Pro Bike/Quad, $160 UTV, $380 UTV PRO, $70 Mini, $50 Pee Wee
(Discount pricing if you race both days, must sign up on Sat for both days to receive discount, no refunds)


33% Trophy’s


Pack in Pack out all garbage!

Read the Rules on

We have added a UTV PRO Class for 2017!

Go to for a list of all classes.

*Race Times Saturday
Practice - 7:30am-8:00 - Big Bikes Unclassified - 30 Min
Race 1 - 8:15am-8:45 - Pee Wee Bikes 50cc/65C - 30 Min
Race 2 - 9:00am -9:30 - Pee Wee Quads - 30 Min
Race 3 - 9:45am-10:15 - Youth UTV 170cc/Trophy Karts - 30 Min
Race 4 - 10:30am-11:20 - All Big Bikes - 50 Min
Race 5 - 11:40am-12:20 - Mini Bikes 80-150cc, 65A/B/ Women C /Vintage - 40 min
Race 6 - 12:30pm-1:10 - Mini Quads - 40 Min
Practice - 1:30pm-2:00 - Big Quads Unclassified - 30 Min
Practice - 2:10pm-2:40 - UTV Unclassified - 30 Min
Race 7 - 3:00pm-3:50 - All Big Quad/Trikes - 50 Min
Race 8 - 4:00pm-4:50 - All UTVs - 50 Min
*Race Times Sunday (No Practice on Sunday)
Race 1 - 7:30am-8:00 - Pee Wee Bikes 50cc/65C - 30 Min
Race 2 - 8:10am-8:40 - Pee Wee Quads - 30 Min
Race 3 - 8:50am-9:20 - Youth UTV 170cc/Trophy Karts - 30 Min
Race 4 - 9:40am-10:30 - All Big Bikes - 50 Min
Race 5 - 10:45am-11:25 - Mini Bikes 80-150cc, 65A/B/ Women C /Vintage - 40 min
Race 6 - 11:40am-12:20 - Mini Quads - 40 Min
Race 7 - 12:40pm-1:30 - All Big Quad/Trikes - 50 Min
Race 8 - 2:00pm-2:50 - All UTVs - 50 Min
*All race times are approximate – the next race will start when the course is clear and safe for everyone. It is your responsibility to be ready and on the line when your race starts.

Directions: Gila Bend Airport 1500 AZ-85, Gila Bend, AZ 8533 – Take Hwy 85 towards Gila Bend it will be on the East side of the road just North of Gila Bend.

Upcoming Race:

Mountain Bike Race
4hr Pedal in the Pines Team Race
Prescott AZ
MAY 13, 2017
2nd Annual

None points race- No Membership needed

7 mile loop race course on Prescott National Forest through the pine trees.

Entry Fees: $100 Team, $75 Ironman, $50 Junior

Transponders will be used $10 (keep them for future races) number plates will be provided

Gates Open Saturday 6:30am

Gate fee $5 per person

Registration: 8am-9am
Race: 10:30am-2:30pm
Awards: 3:30pm

Solo - Male/Female/Junior Open(18yrs under)
Singlespeed - Male/Female
Duo - Male/Female/Junior Open

33% of each class gets Trophies

Rules: 2 people on a team, can use your own bike or share a bike. Must switch riders each lap

Sign up online at or at the race.

Directions: Alto Pit OHV – Once in Prescott AZ Northwest on Iron Springs Rd, 5 miles past the intersection with Gale Gardener. Alto Pit is on the right side of the road.

Power in the Pines 4 Hour Team Race
Prescott AZ
May 14, 2017

Motorcycles Only

7 mile course

Course: Race through the pines trees on 50” trails

No Membership Needed

Spark Arrestors mandatory and fuel mat (could be wood/tarp/carpet) under bikes while pitting.

Gates open - 6:30am
Registration/tech inspection - 7:30am-8:30am at the track
Race Schedule
9:00-9:30am - Unclassified (Practice)
10:30-2:30pm - Big Bike race all teams and Ironman classes (4hr race)
3:00-5:00pm - Kids Team Race (all 50cc, 65cc and 85cc) (2hr race)

Gate Fees: $10 per person

Entry Fees: $150 per Team/$100 Ironman/Unclassified $20 per person/$80 Kids Team Race

Transponder $10

Classes: Team Expert/Team Sportsman/Team Vet/Family Team/Ironman New Class Family Team- you can have any mixture of family member- Mom/Dad and Son/Daughter

Up to 3 person teams
Can use your own bikes up to 3 Bikes per team
Switch riders anytime
Must have same numbers on ALL Bikes
Kids race rules- you can race any size bike 50cc-85cc/150cc 4-stroke together up to 2 person team
Directions: Alto Pit OHV – Once in Prescott AZ Northwest on Iron Springs Rd, 5 miles past the intersection with Gale Gardener. Alto Pit is on the right side of the road.



2) You must have a rear light bar with amber and blue flashing and solid amber.
You can get rear chase led light bars at Star Light Bars. Tell them you race AZOP and he will give you a discount.

Click here to goto Star Light Bars.

QUAD Update and Rule:

Mandatory Lanyards on all peewee, mini and big Quads, if you do not have them we may not allow you to race or we may give you a penalty.

NUMBERS- If you do not have legible numbers on the front and rear of the Quad we might not allow you to race or we may give you a penalty.

Camping and Pit Rules

  • Must wear helmet all times.
  • Contained campfires in metal container only.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • No children on bicycles near the race course.
  • No flying Drones without AZOP’s Permission.
  • Please pick up all your TRASH and take it home with you.
  • Read the Rules on our website before you race.
  • T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts will be for sale at the AZOP registration trailer.
  • Be respectful to registration and scoring personnel we will not tolerate yelling and rude behavior.
  • Pit area on the course is 5 MPH - you can be penalized for speeding thru this area during the race.
  • 5 MPH through Scoring Chute and in front of AZOP Trailer - you will be penalized for Speeding.
  • Do NOT go in front of the scoring trailer to talk to personnel, if you have a question or problem with scoring you MUST go to the Registration table. Do NOT talk to scoring during the races.
  • If you have a protest or questions with results our Referee Dan Rees will handle it.
  • Do NOT go onto the race course - Must stay 25’ behind the course.
  • There will be a 30 minute protest period after race results are posted no exceptions. You MUST Wait!
  • We will have several sweep riders and watchers all over the course, so make sure you stay on the marked track or you will be disqualified for cutting the course.
  • If there is a downed rider PLEASE make sure you stop to make sure they are ok and let the sweep rider or next check point know what mile marker they are at.
  • Thanks for coming have a great time and have fun. We want everyone to be SAFE and enjoy the races.

2017 Rider Class Move Ups

RiderNew Class
Jay JewellA
Cody PerryB
Cecil ShraderA
Kayden VermilyeaB
Jacob JewellB
Travis BoydB
Kolbie LangAdvanced
Conner MacdonaldAdvanced
Cody ReyesA
Collier MartinezA
Jaime PenaB

Big News:

We are now offering a PRO UTV Class for the rest of 2016 and all of 2017.

AZOP scoring prides itself on perfect race results and with that we are asking that you direct all questions, inquiries and or concerns to registration ONLY during our events. We cannot have people entering the scoring trailer, as well as, blocking the view of the score keeper during the races. As we continue to grow in racers, this is presenting a problem, which we would like to remedy asap! SCORING CAN NOT HAVE DISTRACTIONS! We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

The wait is finally over for the iPhone AZOP Mobile App. So now we have the app for Android and iPhone. Download it now by putting in AZOP or clicking this link below. Please let us know if we should add any other features. We are hoping this app serves as a big help to our racers. Get it today, It's free.

Get it on Google Play

Racing With US?

All Racers who enter any race will get a $10 Rocky Mountain Gift Card. This is good for all races including non-points races. Each race you enter you get a gift card. You can hold on to the cards and use more than one to purchase products.

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