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Canyon Xmas Grand Prix DATE: December 17, 2022

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Jan 14 & 15 - Blyth Grand Prix
2 days of racing for Bikes, ATVs, & UTVs.
Feb 04 & 05 - Yuma Grand Prix
2 days of racing for Bikes, ATVs, & UTVs.
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2023 Memberships

2023 memberships are now open for current members only. Current members have until the end of the year to reserve your current numbers.

2022 AZOP Annual Awards Banquet

Registration is now open for the 2022 Awards Banquet.

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2023 Schedule
Rocky Mountain ATV/MC - Race Gas Program Signup

To participate in the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas program, you need to signup by clicking the link below. Each rider of a participating event will receive a $10 RM CASH account credit. 

Click Here to signup for the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Program


For Camping and Pit Area

The following motorized vehicle policy goes into effect IMMEDIATELY. Please read this in its entirety. Failure to comply with this new policy may result in racer disqualification and or you may be asked to leave the premises.

No person under the age of 18 will operate any motorized vehicle except their race vehicle within the confines of an event with the following exceptions:
Race Vehicle From camp to registration and back.
Race Vehicle From camp to tech inspection and back.
Race Vehicle From camp to the starting line and back.
Race Vehicle From camp to camp for the purposes of receiving assistance with repairs.

Under no circumstances will a person under the age of 18 operate any other motorized vehicle to include golf carts. The only exception is a street legal passenger vehicle operated by a licensed driver age 16 and up, not to include golf carts, entering or exiting the venue.

Any person under the age of 18 as the operator of their race vehicle or as a passenger in any golf cart, UTV, motorcycle, quad, pit bike, OHV or any other vehicle besides a licensed passenger vehicle must wear a helmet at all times. This includes going to and from Tech inspection. You will get a penalty or disqualified if caught not wearing a helmet.

If a person who is not a racer is caught not following all these rules, the person in their camp that is a racer will be assessed with the penalty.

In addition, any other non-motorized vehicle including bicycles, skateboards or any other similar vehicles must follow any and all safety laws according to the state, county, city or town laws where the event is held, to include helmets or other safety equipment.


Tech Inspection
You MUST go through tech inspection before you go on the unclassified or parade lap (No exceptions) Also, MUST have the correct colored number combinations before Tech will pass you, So do not go to tech unless you have your numbers on your machines first. There will be colored strips and colored backgrounds and numbers available for sale at registration and near tech. If you need them put them on before you go to tech. Tech will be very busy so its your responsibility to show up early. Do not show up last minute and expect miracles!
Content presented on this website is the property fo AZOP Racing including but not limited to Images, Photos, videos, rules, registrations, etc. No information and/or files may be copied, duplicated, modified or adapted without written permission from AZOP owners.
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