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AZOP Awards Banquet DATE: Dec 15th
LOCATION:Black Canyon City AZ

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Number Plate Updates!!!
UTV Color Backgrounds

UTV Pro Turbo - Blue/White
UTV Pro N/A- Blue/Yello

UTV 170cc Beginner White/Black
UTV 170cc Advanced Red/White

UTV 570cc Beginner White/Black
UTV 570cc Advanced Red/White
UTV 570cc RS1 Restrictor plate Yellow/Black

UPDATES !!!!!!!!
We will be doing the minor release just like we do the memberships, they will be valid from Jan 1-Dec 31 of the year. We will no longer be doing them from the time you signed one for a year, Hope everyone understands.


Going into the 2020 season ONLY one Parent of a racer will be allowed on the track to assist in helping all the racers. Sorry no longer will others family members or friends be allowed on the tracks. This is a HUGE safety issue that we must make happen, If you get caught on the track without AZOP's permission your child could be DQ'ed.

We will be penalizing racers much more in 2020 if they do NOT slow down through the scoring chute, also if you pass in the scoring chute you will be penalized.

1. We will be splitting up the UTV Pro Class into Pro Turbo and Pro Non-Turbo
2. We will be splitting up the UTV 170cc class into Beginner and Advanced
3. We will be splitting up the UTV 570cc class into Beginner and Advanced
4. We will be adding a UTV RS1with 570cc restrictor plate this will be its own class but they will race the same time the UTV 570cc race.

NOTE: If you have a built motor in the UTV 170cc class you need to race the 250cc class

2019 AZOP Awards Banquet

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to register for the 2019 AZOP Awards Banquet.
2019 AZOP Racing Champions

Click here to see the 2019 AZOP Racing Champions

Congraulations to everyone and thank you for your participation in the 2019 season.
2020 AZOP Membership is now open. You have until 12/31 to save your race numbers.
2020 is coming!! Are you ready?
2020 Membership and Numbers
After the last points race of the year which is Lake Havasu Grand Prix Race Nov 16-17, 2019, 2020 Membership Numbers will be open for only current 2019 members. You will have until Dec 31, 2019 to renew your membership and save your same number.

Starting Jan 1, 2020 memberships/Numbers will be open to everyone.

If you want to keep your same number that you had in 2019 make sure you get a 2020 membership before Jan 1, 2020. There will be no exceptions. If you are a current 2019 member but want to change numbers you will have to wait until Jan 1, 2020 to do so.
Year End Champions
To be eligible for series points and end of year championship awards all classes must:
1. Compete in at least 50% of the season race locations. You have to drop two races (if you did not go to two races you can use them as your drops as well or just your lowest two points)
2. Have a current membership – January to December of each year
3. Top three in each class will receive a year end Championship if you meet all the criteria.
4. You can buy a day pass for $25.00 but you do not get points.
5. Members can select any number on a first come first serve basis. You keep the number the whole year. Please see specific color background chart for your class.
*****Attention PRO UTV Racers******
For 2020, We are splitting the Pro UTV class into Pro Turbo and Pro N/A (non Turbo)
Camping and Pit Rules
Attention Truck/Buggy Racers!
Update- Gila Bend Grand Prix will be a Points Race for Trucks/Buggies
Looking for number backgrounds, wraps or graphics for your race machines.. Look no further...
Five18 Designs is proud to announce that they are an official 2019 sponsor of the AZOP race series. Five18 Designs is a full custom design and print company, offering a full range of printed custom graphics and rider accessories, as well as a one stop shop for all your branding and printing needs. Five18 Designs is offering a 20% discount to AZOP racers on their MX graphics for the race series. Stop by our showroom, visit us online, or give us a call at 480-280-3792

Quad Racers listen up...
It is a MUST that you have a tether kill switch attached to your quad. It must be attached to your person, either on your belt loop or chest protector. This goes for ALL bigs Quads and Youth/Pee Wee Quads. Tech inspection will be checking and they will be checking.
Tech Inspection
You MUST go through tech inspection before you go on the unclassified or parade lap (No exceptions) Also, MUST have the correct colored number combinations before Tech will pass you, So do not go to tech unless you have your numbers on your machines first. There will be colored strips and colored backgrounds and numbers available for sale at registration and near tech. If you need them put them on before you go to tech. Tech will be very busy so its your responsibility to show up early. Do not show up last minute and expect miracles!
Fire Extinguisher
Everyone needs to have a Fire Extinguisher in their pits at every race.
One Time Pass
A 2019 Member will be able to get a one time pass if they do not have the correct colored background on their machine, however you will have to purchase the colored strips from registration for $5. This is more for racers who show up at an event and want to get a membership and was not aware there are colored backgrounds. This is for a one time only after that you will need to get the correct colored backgrounds and numbers.
Rocky Mountain Race Gas Program

Race Gas is a free program that Rocky Mountain ATV/MC offers to help drive up response to races, rallies, and many other programs.

Each rider of a participating event will recieve a $10 RM CASH ACCOUNT CREDIT.

Get more info from there website.
PLEASE READ 2019 New Update!
After long talks AZOP has decided to mandate colored backgrounds for all classes next year. It will be more professional and it will help everyone decipher who is in what class or level. We know it's not easy to change your background colors and some get upset but we feel in the long run it will be best for everyone. We hope everyone understands. We will also be giving out new colored day passes as well.
Look at the photo below at what all the color combinations will be. Please Share and pass this along. This will not go into effect until Jan 1, 2019. We wanted to get it out now so you have ample time to get your new backgrounds...
Thanks for racing with us....

Click here to view the Bike Plate Background Colors

Click here to view the ATV Plate Background Colors

Click here to view the UTV Plate Background Colors
AZOP Racing is proud to announce the "Rowley White RV Racing Series" for 2019.

Rowley White RV has partnered with AZOP Racing to help expand the 2019 race series with more diverse racing venues and more long loop races.

Rowley White RV has been a long term supporter of AZOP Racing and continues to show their huge support to the Offroad racing community.

If you are shopping for a new Toyhauler, be sure and checkout Rowley White RV. With several locations in the Phoenix metro area and in Flagstaff, they have an amazing selection to choose from and the best prices you'll find anywhere. It's obvious from the large number of Rowley White RV Toyhaulers at all of our events why they are the best RV dealer in Arizona. From bumper pulls to 5th wheels, you won't find better customer service (before and after the sale) nor a better price.

Let them know how much we all appreciate their support when you stop by and visit them.

Also, please like their Facebook page Rowley White RV

2019 is almost here!!

Silver Sponsors:
Nash UTV Bolt Onz Rockford Superior
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RockAuto WeiCool Fly Glow GoAZ Motocity Baja-D MRT SinFab PCIRadio Page Honda carli STI FactoryUTV